Taking a Stand

Student-developed commercials addressing current social, cultural, or environments concerns. These projects were created as parts of the senior digital design studio.

Syllabus requirements:
As you are about to join society as college graduates, you need to become engaged in and shape our collective future. … Consequently, all studio projects will work around a central theme of the resilient design, cultural diversity, and collective wellbeing. Students are expected to address through their work a topic associated with resilient and/or sustainable practices such as water management, energy efficiency, pollution, recycling, or environmental or constructed response to climate change. Other themes could include social and cultural empowerment of individuals or groups. These should serve as examples, not as a definite list. Students should formulate their own position and be able to express it through the digital medium of their choice. The produced work should have a broader social, cultural, or intellectual reach and address currently urgent issues. Note, the work that builds on your own experiences and unique narratives will ensure a higher level of originality and authenticity

Students are encouraged to engage outside organizations that share similar core values and can use this project as volunteering for social and environmental causes. Successful design work will be a comprehensive solution that addresses emotional, factual, and experiential qualities, delivered in a professional manner.


Project by Anne Mercado, NJIT’2014

Project by Brandon Simms, NJIT’2014

Project by Perry Williams, NJIT’2014

Project by Mark Santiago, NJIT’2014

Project by Daniel Acosta, NJIT’2014