Taking a Stand

Student-developed commercials addressing current social, cultural, or environments concerns. These projects were created as parts of the senior digital design studio.

Syllabus requirements:
As you are about to join society as college graduates, you also need to become engaged in our collective future and see how you can be a part of it. Consequently, all studio projects will work around a central theme of the resilient design. Students are expected to address a topic associated with resilient and/or sustainable practices such as water management, energy efficiency, pollution, recycling, or environmental or constructed response to climate change.  These should serve as examples not as a definite list of possible topics. Students could propose and formulate their own take on this topic and consult it with the instructor. The produced work should have a broader social, cultural, or intellectual reach and engage currently urgent issues.

Students are encouraged to engage outside organizations that share similar core mission. Successful design work will be a comprehensive solution that addresses emotional, sensory, and experiential design issues, delivered in a professional manner.


Project by Anne Mercado, NJIT’2014

Project by Brandon Simms, NJIT’2014

Project by Mark Santiago, NJIT’2014

Project by Daniel Acosta, NJIT’2014