Projection Mapping

Projection mapping installation developed by Geoff Tsai (student @ MIT) for an academic event in Fall 2014. The installation was one of the assignments for the Advance Visualization: Architecture in Motion Graphics course (4.503/4.562)

The installation production process involved (1) conceptual storyboarding, (2) collecting visuals [imagery and motion videos/graphic], (3) organizing sequences and timelines, (4) surveying spaces and surfaces used for the projection mapping, (5) developing individualized animations, and (6) testing projections and alignments in the auditorium.

The use of acoustic baffles for projections was particularly effective as this scenario reduced the projection distance (reduced power requirements for three projectors), and did not contribute to the light pollution on the stage keeping the auditorium dim.

In-situ concept testing
Surveying the auditorium space for the installation
timelines and transitions
Animation layouts and video editing
Video composite
In-situ testing
Projection Mapping (Installation) Event, Fall 2014