Kinetic and adaptive assemblies can play an important role in future resilient and sustainable architecture. In the projects below, students investigate strategies for transformative designs.

Variations on Theo Jansen’s Kinetic Art (2010)
Project by Norbert Chang, Xiong Chen, and Timothy Man, NJIT (2010)

Variations on Theo Kansen’s walking mechanism.

Studies to understand kinetic behavior of sculptures

Re-formulations and testing in digital parametric environment (Grasshopper)

Model replicating Theo Jansen’s walking sculpture mechanism

Developing and testing variations of Theo Jansen’s walking mechanism for new types of movements.

Using the kit-of-parts to generate variation and test for their feasibility.

Kinetic components created with the kit-of-parts

Kinetic component developed using the kit-of-parts


Adaptive Aperatures (2010)
Project by Elvira Hoxha, Michael Middleton, and Travis Stracquadanio, NJIT (2010)

Kinetic panel and its functionalities

Parametric studies of apertures using Grasshopper plugin for Rhino. This allowed for better understanding of constraints and possible solutions/arrangements.

Physical versus digital testing

Extending 2-dimensional geometry into 3-dimensional kinetic form.

Final panel designs


Kinetic Canopy (2010)
Project by Parina Patel and Carmen Valez, NJIT (2010)

Kinetic canopy actuated with the servo and microcontroller

Canopy parts before assembly

Kinetic variations of the final canopy

Developing an alternative version of the canopy

Assembling the canopy model