Im/Possible Spaces

Envisioning New Experiences in Architecture, Defining Limits
Digital Design Studio @ RISD, 2006

This digital design studio focuses on the fluid aspects of architectural environments–environments that aspire to be exciting and meaningful, not necessarily rational or possible to implement with today’s knowledge.  The question of ‘what’ space is will supersede ‘why’ it is. The final articulation of the exploration process will be space based on the play of forms, lights, textures and materials.

Students will be encouraged to develop their ideas by drawing inspiration from other disciplines such as film, stage design, art and literature. Students are encouraged to see design as both ephemeral and perpetually adapting. Final delivery of the design should reflect the character of individual designs as well as the digital nature of the creative process. Visual expressions and the design process will be driven, expressed and communicated through the use of computer graphics.

Jing Zhang: Sanctuary (above+top), RISD’2006




Time-Space mapping, Marayia Lotts: Sanctuary, RISD’2006