Context Awareness

Augmented reality (AR)-based applications provide an opportunity to reconnect and better realign virtual and physical worlds through location awareness, enhanced data overlays, and user-focused content. Unlike more static forms of digital media, AR, with its interactive and context-aware functionalities, engages users in more direct and meaningful ways.

FashNYC AR App

The FashNYC application helps its users make smarter shopping choices while informing them about the current fashion scene. Through the app, users have access to online videos from each store’s current collection, watch interviews with designers, and access garment information including sizes, colors, materials, prices, and availability. The app is geared to-ward those interested primarily in high-end fashion designers. FashNYC brings awareness to the fashion industry, connects with seasonal events, creates an exciting new shopping experience, and establishes a presence in today’s heightened mobile application culture.

FashNYC Augmented Reality App designed and developed by Philip Caleja, Nicholas Haby, and Daniel Schittone

App Concept and Proposal:
Let’s say you’re looking for a new blue suit. You see one you like in the window of Versace. To be quite frank, you can’t afford it, but you really like the color and the style. You can take a picture of the suit and have the application search for it. As the application searches for it, you take the time to watch a video of the Fall/Winter 2013 runway show where the suit was first featured. You notice you like the way it looks when on the runway, but the blue one that was shown looks even better. Once the suit has been found in the search, you can try to find similar garments in nearby stores. You’re in luck! That application located a similar blue tight-fitting suit in Zara across the street for half the price! Bam! Success.
(Philip Caleja, Nicholas Haby, and Daniel Schittone)

FashNYC: User Interface

FashNYC: navigation tree


High Line AR Tour

High Line Tour  is a navigational and informational mobile AR app geared toward visitors to the High Line, an urban park in New York City. It provides users with historical and current information as well as plans for future developments. Its location-aware functionality allows for sorting and positioning data in relationship to the urban context. It shows year-around activities with imagery of various plants and foliage reflecting seasonal changes occurring in the park. Users of the app can look at a particular section of a project and freely navigate through historic photographs and future proposed designs.

Project developed by Mike Litus, Pawel Zawistowski, and Travis Flick.

High Line AR Tour app

App assets


MySQL database and development dashboard


Sustain Growth AR
Sustain Growth Augmented Reality game by Louis Saporito & James Wolff. Game goals:

  • To grow a civilization that is self sustaining.
  • Reach certain level population
  • Maintain a habitable environment
  • Sustain enough energy to keep the civilization going.

Sustainable growth AR game

Augmented Interiors
You’re looking through a furniture catalog and find a piece that you like. But how would it fit into your living room? Now you can find out without leaving your couch, or wherever you are. Take the marker attached in the catalog, place it on the desired location, download the AR app, and look through the display of your mobile device camera. The piece of furniture you’re considering is there for you to see in the context of your own living room. (Ana Mercado)

Project by Ana Mercado, NJIT

The Maze Game

Project by David Einstein, NJIT