Character Design

This course is an in-depth exploration of 3D character design, modeling, and animation for video games and cinematographic production.
The class focuses on conceptual and technical/production topics for character design. During the conceptual part, students study relevant precedents from illustration, gaming, and video animation disciplines as well as theatrical and cinematographic choreography, including fashion designers and make-up artists. In addition, the course covers different modes of representation (realistic, stylized) and their appropriateness for various types of productions.

3D character designed by Amos Dudley, NJIT’2016


Close-up of a joint by Amos Dudley, NJIT’2016

Project by Danielle Archibold, NJIT’2018 (below)

Project by Harry She, NJIT’2018

Project by Heetae Bae, NJIT’2015

Conceptual sketch

Model developments



Project by Ryan Sokoloski, NJIT’2016

Ryan Sokoloski

Project by Mark Sana, NJIT’2016 (above)

Project by Ian Yunis, NJIT’2018 (below)

Project by Ian Yunis, NJIT’2018