Adaptive Media Façade

Adaptive Media Façade design team looked at media displays not only as visual communicators but also as opportunities for addressing glazing privacy, embedding photovoltaic frits, and merging media components with the adaptive daytime shading system. In the current media-rich world, with personalized expressions openly shared in electronic social networks, it is time to explore the ways our electronic lives inform architecture.Student

Design Team: Anthony Morrello and Anthony Samaha, NJIT’16
Instructor: Andrzej Zarzycki, NJIT

Anthony Samaha explains the intent behind and effects of various frosting strategies


Adaptive shading integrated into the media façade: (left) physical component prototype actuated by servo motors and Arduino microcontroller, (right) an overall assembly of the double skin curtain wall.


Media Façade bay design with adaptive shading panels


Anthony Samaha and Anthony Morrello discuss their project with a visiting critic